Tips for Searching for Your Lost Pet

What if I lost a pet?

If you’re searching for a lost pet, please search our Lost & Found page on our website, which is updated every two hours. If you see your pet online, please take note of the animal ID and email us at or call 720.523.PETS (7387).

What if I found a lost pet?

If you’ve found a lost pet, please email us at or call  720.523.PETS (7387).

Additional ways you can help unite a pet with their family:

  • Email a photo of the found pet to us at If someone calls the shelter looking for their missing pet, we can try to make a match.
  • Post flyers near where you found the pet and alert neighbors.
  • Post the pet’s information and photo on PetHarbor, Craigslist, NextDoor (in the neighborhood where your pet was lost), and lost pet pages on Facebook like Tri-County Lost & Found Pets.

What if I found kittens living outside without their mother?  

If you discover a litter of kittens, before coming to their rescue, watch and wait to see if their mother is coming back for them. A mother cat will not approach if she senses someone is nearby. It may be several hours or more before she returns. Remember, community cats are most active at night, so you may not catch a glimpse of the mother at all.  

If you are unsure if the cats/kittens you found are in need of rescue please email Riverdale Animal Shelter at or call us at 720.523.PETS (7387).