Service Fees

General Animal Shelter Fees

Type of Service

Fee / Deposit Amount

Adoption Fees*
With your adoption you receive:

  • New pet adoption packet
  • Age appropriate vaccinations
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Microchip identification
  • Rabies vaccination tag
  • Temporary leash or carrier
  • Free visit with a participating veterinary office
  • Dogs
    • Over 6 months old:  $100-300
    • 6 months old and younger: $200-400 
  • Cats
    • Over 6 months old:  $25-75
    • 6 months old and younger:  $50-115
  • Other Pets (based on species, breed, and age)
    • Small Pet Animals:  $5-60
    • Small Farm Animals/Fowl:  $5-150
Note:  Certain adoption fees may be priced outside of these ranges at discretion of management.
Senior Citizens (age 60+), active military, and veterans receive a 30% discount on adoption fees.  
Dog License Fees (unincorporated Adams County only)If pet is spayed or neutered:  Fee Waived
If pet is not spayed or neutered:  $25
End of Life Services Fees

Humane Euthanasia Fee

  • Cats and Dogs:  $50
  • For cats and dogs of senior citizens 60+:  $30
  • Small Animals:  $10-25
Cremation Fee (communal)
  • Cats and Dogs:  $35
  • Small Animal:  $10
Impound and Daily Care Fees
Repeated impoundment of the same animal within an 18-month period will increase the fee by $10 (cumulative) for each additional impound.
  • Daily Care Fee (strays and bite quarantine):  $15 per day
  • Cat Reclaim/Impound Fee:
    • $25 with current pet identification (tag, license, and/or microchip)
    • ​$35 without current pet identification
  • Dog Reclaim/Impound Fee:
    • $40 with current pet identification (tag, license, and/or microchip
    • $50 without current pet identification​
  • Rabies Vaccination Fee (for reclaim):  $15
  • Rabies Vaccination Deposit:  $15
  • Microchip Fee:  $25
Animal Surrender FeesCats and Dogs:  $50
Litters with or without mother:  $65-95
Small Animals/Small Farm Animals:  $5-50
Out of Jurisdiction Fee:  $25 (in addition to posted surrender fees)
Low-Cost Vaccination and Microchip Clinic Fees

Rabies 1 year:  $15
Distemper/Panleukopenia (FVRCP):  $15

Rabies 1 year:  $15
Distemper/Parvo:  $15
Bordetella:  $15

Microchip Fee (cats and dogs):  $25

Forms of Payment

We accept cash, tap/apple pay and major credit cards except American Express.

We do not accept personal checks.

*At the discretion of management, the adoption fees for certain pets may be outside the posted fee ranges.