Blue Collar Kitties

Blue Collar Kitties

Need a cat to help keep your barn, stable, or work space free of rodents? Adopt a cat from our Blue Collar Kitty (BCK) Program.

Barn CatWhat's a blue collar kitty?

Our blue collar kitties were born to feral parents and were never socialized as kittens, which limits their ability to be a typical housecat. Since they prefer an independent lifestyle mostly outdoors, they have joined our Blue Collar Kitty Program to work in homes, farms, and businesses where they can live happily doing what they do naturally—hunt mice, snakes, and insects.

Why hire/adopt a blue collar kitty?

Blue collar kitties can help save money on pest control services and may limit the need to use toxic pesticides on your crops. Best of all, you provide a secure home for a homeless kitty.

What's the cost to hire/adopt one?

Adoption fees are waived for these special working kitties in exchange for a safe place to make their forever home. We also ask that blue collar kitty adopters keep their kitty up-to-date on vaccinations.

What does our shelter provide to you, the adopter?

As part of your blue collar kitty adoption, your hired/adopted help will receive:

  • Spay/neuter services
  • Full vaccinations

How do I learn more or see what blue collar kitties are available for hire/adoption?

You can see our adoptable Blue Collar Kitties here. To learn more about the BCK program, call 720.523.PETS (7387).