Animal ID: A175482
Breed: Himalayan
Color: Seal Pt
Gender: Female
Age (Approx): 2 years, 8 months old
Meet Soledad, an adult cat with a heart full of love. Her personality is a delightful mix of friendly and shy. She's the kind of feline who would rather spend her days lounging around, taking life at a mellow pace. Soledad's gentle nature makes her a great companion for those seeking a calm, loving pet. She's been known to make even the most stressful day feel a little lighter with her serene presence. Soledad's friendliness shines through her shyness, making every interaction with her a moment to cherish. Soledad is waiting for a forever home where she can spread her love and warmth. Adopt Soledad, not just because she needs a home, but because she has an abundance of love to give, and she's ready to share it with you.