Animal ID: A174957
Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat
Color: Blk Smoke
Gender: Male
Age (Approx): 3 years old
Meet Gymmothy, an adult cat who carries a heart full of sweetness and affection. This friendly feline loves nothing more than to cuddle up with his shelter buddy, Dwight, and the pair have formed an unbreakable bond. Gymmothy's personality is as warm as a sunbeam, and his gentle purr can soothe even the most stressful day. He's a cat who enjoys the simple things in life, like a good chin scratch or a cozy nap. If you're looking for a duo that will fill your home with love and companionship, Gymmothy and Dwight are the perfect pair. Adopt Gymmothy and give him the forever home he deserves, where he can continue to share his love and warmth.