Animal ID: A162978
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Color: Tortie
Gender: Female
Age (Approx): 2 years, 4 months old
Meet Reba!

* Reba may be a shy kitty, but she loves being around her people
* She doesn't love cuddles, but does love to chase toys and pounce on anything that moves under a blanket!
* She has the tortie attitude, she's gorgeous and she knows it, so may or may not have time for you at any given moment.
* Reba is looking for a home that appreciates the spicy side of life, but isn't intimidated by her cold, hard stare. She's not shy about judging you and your singing voice--it's like being on American Idol in your own home!
* She's also very interested in people who work from home. She's not quite sure what that computer thingie is, but it's fascinating to watch people sitting in front of it all day long.
* This lady has been hanging out in a foster home for a few weeks, but really wants a forever family of her own. She is back at Riverdale and would love to meet you today!