Animal ID: A178394
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Color: Black
Gender: Female
Age (Approx): 1 year, 1 month old
Meet Kai, a youthful spirit brimming with warmth and vivacity. Her personality is a delightful blend of friendliness and goofiness, making her a charming companion. She's always ready to engage in a playful bout or chase a toy mouse around. Kai's antics are sure to fill your home with laughter and joy. Despite her lively nature, she also knows when to slow down and enjoy quiet moments of affection. Her purrs of contentment will become a comforting background sound in your life. Kai's zest for life and endearing quirks make her an ideal pet. Give Kai a chance to fill your life with her unique brand of love and happiness. Adopt Kai, and let her transform your home into a haven of fun, love, and warmth.