Animal ID: A161501
Breed: Domestic Mediumhair
Color: Org Tabby
Gender: Male
Age (Approx): 2 years, 9 months old
Meet Sake!

*A very sensitive and shy kitty who needs plenty of time to adjust to new places and things.
*Not a fan of dogs and may enjoy being an only cat to help him acclimate to things better.
*Given enough time, he can be very sweet, but would loe plenty of places to hide and explore.

Undercover Kitty: I am working undercover to investigate your household. You may see me one minute, but not the next. I am just that good. I do enjoy a good pet but I cannot stay for long because it would blow my cover.

The Lone Ranger (No Other Cats in Household): This world is only big enough for one cat, that's me! Share my food, water, and litterbox? No sir-ee! I don't play well with others. Call me a bully, but I prefer self-sufficient. Besides, why would you want another when you have me?